Bill Petinos
Bill Petinos
Chief Operating Officer & Director Global Sourcing

For 39 years Bill has influenced and shaped the Gibson business.

Bill joined Gibson in 1981 as part of the sales and marketing team and was promoted to NSW state manager in ‘84, Head Consumer Products Division in ’86, National Sales Manager in ‘90, General Manager in ’92, Group General Manager in ’94 and was our Group CEO from ’95 to 2015. The business went through several changes and Bill was asked to perform the role of Director - Customer Relations to keep us ahead of the competition from 2015 to 2017. In 2018 with a management restructure Bill was promoted to Chief Operating Officer which is the role he occupies today.

Bill has approx. 40 years’ experience in shopfitting industry and has built up strong relationships with most of the major and minor retailers operating in Australia.

Bill’s contribution has been essential in developing our overseas factories and suppliers, giving the business a true competitive advantage, while reestablishing its market leadership. The formulisation of our Gibson support office in China, which focuses on our delivery performance, quality in manufacture, speed to market and direct sourcing throughout China is another key feature of Bill’s contribution.

He was been central in developing the Gibson brand of the past and continues to add value in conjunction with other leadership team members to reinvent the Gibson brand of the future.